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This small website is my contribution to widespread the knoledge of the fantatic and marvellous life that lies under the surface of the small lakes and ponds of our parks and countryside. Stopping by the side of the still water and peering down, under the smooth surface allows to discover an entire ecosystem populated by hundreds of small creatures, insects, larvae and crustacea swimming fast on the surface or crawling on the muddy bottom.

I discovered this new word just by chance and since then I have continued to study, collect, catalogue and breed all the difference species I found. Every weekend I look for parks with small lakes and ponds, helped by google map. Brussels offers a lot of parks and it is therefore a very nice city to look for small life. Ebay is another fantastic place where  eggs or life cultures of daphnia, moina, scuds, cyclops, nematodes etc can be bought easily. In particular, on ebay, it is important to keep in mind the difference between life in ponds and life in vernal pools. Vernal pools are temporary pools. Life develops as soon as the pool is filled with rain water and disappears as the pond gets dry, leaving behind dry resistant eggs for the next cycle.

2012-09-16 New Ostracod kind found  - On a walk to a park near home I discovered in a fountain a new kind of ostracods. It is small, green and oddlly arrow shaped. See here and here.
2012-09-22 Another ostracod kind found - I was looking in mt hydra acquaarium and I spotted a new microscopic ostracod I have never seen before. See here
2012-10-15 How to take macros - A new section on how to take macro shots is now available here
2012-12-06 New ostracod kind found - A new green pee shaped ostracod discovered in my acquarium here

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