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Brussels - Park Josaphat


Josaphat park is a very nice park north-est of Bruxelles, quite close to place Meiser. It is a long green strip in a natural depression of the ground. It hosts a lot of small lakes, rivers, ponds and small waterfalls. Some of the bigger lakes are populated with fishes therefore no life can be found. The water id dark/black muddysh The smaller ones instead have no fishes and are overpopulated of many different sall lifeforms which contribute to keep the water cristal clear.
In oneplace I founf an incredible colony of very big daphnia magna. There were so many and so big that the water seemed a sort of rice soup. In a different pond I  harvested with the net thousands of very small daphnia, cyclops, ostracods and different larvae.

Pictures of the lakes, rivers and ponds

Pictures of the incredibile colony of daphnia magna

Daphnia magna

Result of harvesting  a different pond

Summary of the species found in Ppark Josaphat
Watermites - 3 different species
Ostracods - Most probbly notodromas monacha but darker tah usual
Cladocera - Daphnia magna, dapnia e moina
Copepods - at least 2 different species (to be checked)
Phantom Midge larva
Lesser boatman
Isopods - Asellus (seen but not collected)

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