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Clam Shrimps


Clam shrimps are very large vernal pool dwellers. They are a taxon of bivalved
branchiopod lt crustaceans that resemble the unrelated bivalved molluscs. They are extant, and known from the fossil record, from at least the Devonian period and perhaps before.
As all vernal pool inhabitants, clam shrimps lay eggs that can withstand drying out or freezing as vernal pools are temporary and normally dry out during the summer season.
Raising them in acquarium is very easy. They do not reproduce but lays eggs in the sand. The sand needs to be dried for at least a couple of months and then the cycle can be restarded.

Once placed in the water, the eggs hatch after a few days.I use distilled water for the hatching. I use a 2 liter container for the whole cycle. At the beginning only half filled.
After that I change 25% of the water every week, adding each time more bottled water to increase the salt and mineral content and to control the pH. PH needs to be checked often as it tend to drop due to water pollution.
Avoiding bacteria explosion is very difficult. An air-sponge filter can be used but only after some weeks. After a month even a small acqaurium pump filter can be used.
I found out another nice solution to ensure clean and crystal clear water. I added dapnhia
I feeded them with spirulina and yeast in small quantities and pellet fish food twice/trice a week.

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